Corinne Clapham

Your Intuitive Wellness Coach ~ Reiki Practitioner/Reiki Master  ~ Yoga Instructor ~ Meditation Guide ~ Accredited Journey Practitioner ~ Wellness Event & Retreat Facilitator

Corinne Clapham is the founder and owner of Inner Paradise. Healing from within. Releasing yourself from the ball and chains of unhealthy beliefs, thinking, habits and patterns. Freeing yourself to live the life you always dreamed of. Bringing in more joy by living your authentic self and reconnecting with your higher self.

Corinne Clapham compassion and understanding  comes from personal experience. After many challenging years with depression and anxiety at a young age she sought more knowledge and understanding in human behaviour and psychology. Found comfort and inspiration  in reading about personal development.

Many years later, a back injury in her 20’s, really pushed her to explore different ways to heal. She felt very drawn to Eastern ways. After seeing the shifts and changes in herself as well as in others who were using natural ways of healing led her to further her education and training so she can professionally help others who are going through challenges. Corinne knows from personal experience there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is her life’s purpose to help those who are in the dark. To see and be the light to reach their full amazing potential!