Private 1:1 Transformational Program

.Reclaim Your Confidence, Self Worth & Soverignty in this

Rich & Robust 3 Month 1:1 Healing & Coaching Prgram.

Revitalize Your Inner Temple

Revitalize Your Inner Temple 

3 Month Rich & Robust Transformational Program

Have you been feeling stuck in life lately?

Repeating the same patterns? 

Wanting to heal your past?

Alive but not actively growing and living your full potential? 

Step Into Liberation & Freedom!

It’s time to Shed your cocoon and feel vibrant and alive again.

Take Control of your life! 


Inspired and supported to spread your beautiful wings.

Flying high to your fullest potential.


Having every step of the way be a part of your divine journey.

With more ease and grace. 


Clear your emotional and physical blockages. 

Free yourself from the ball and chains.


Bust out those deep seeded unhealthy belief systems & vows. 

Rebirth Reclaim Renew ~ The New You!

Your Intuitive Wellness Coach, Spiritual Guide, Energy Healer, Psychic Reader & Cheerleader!

All in one place to work closely with you on this divine transformational journey.

To New Beginnings!

3 Months Include

Road Mapping

Clarity Call

1x 60min

We start your 3 Month Journey together over a Clarity Call.

A time to get to know where you currently are in your life.

Your challenges and obstacles. Where you want to go.

This is the foundation and starting point for your Private Coaching & Healing Program to be personalized and specific for YOU to have the


Astrology Reading

1x 60min

 Discover your blue print Life’s Purpose & Mission.

The Challenge you are meant to overcome in this lifetime.

Best time frames to launch or shift careers. Relationships and more.


PDF Copy of your chart reading

Coaching Sessions

3x 60min

 Road Mapping goals to living the life you truly desire.

Made into tangible inspiring steps for achievable follow through and success.

Healing Sessions

3 x 60min

Get to the root of what has been causing the unhealthy patterns & cycles.

Heal the emotional, spiritual and physical pain. 

Heal your past wounds. 

Liberate yourself from the past bondages and ancesteral pain. 

For Each Healing Session you have the options of:

Breathwork, Journey, Reiki

(Descriptions Below)

Psychic Medium Session

1x 60min

Receive empowered insight and guidance for your highest path.  While feeling comfort and support. 

Clarity and Direction.

Answers to your questions in any area of your life. 

Option to dive into your Past Life to release any unhealthy beleifs and vows that have been cycling in this lifetime. 

Option to connect with a past loved one for messages and healing between all. 


Healing Sessions

Each Healing Session you have the option to experience:

Journey, Breathwork, Distant Reiki


Journey Healing Session  60min

Diving deep into the core roots and releasing them for a more meaningful and joyous life. Natural modalities will be used such as healing on an energetic, cellular and soul level.

Transcendental Breathwork Session 60min 

Guided through a very powerful breathwork that will bust the limitations you’ve had held in the subconscious that’s been holding you back. Releasing & Clearing it. To step deeper into your divine soul.

Relaxing Distant Reiki Session 30min

 Guided into meditation as you slip into a deeper state of relaxation consciousness. Clear the inner stagnation. Rebalance your energy centres.

Your Typical Month Looks Like

1 x 30min Coaching Session: To kickstart your month with focus, clarity and action steps.

1x Healing Session: To help clear the blocks and heal unresolved wounds.  Open more flow and joy into your life.

* Options For Healing Session:

Journey, Breathwork, Reiki

Support & Accountability Along The Way 

About Your Coach & Healer

Corinne Clapham is the creator/founder of Inner Paradise. Your Intuitive Mystic Healer & Coach. Which focuses on getting to the root of what has been causing your emotional and/or physical discomfort. Releasing it on an energetic, cellular and soul level.

Corinne has been doing deep healing with clients for over 7 years using intergrative natural modalities.

Empowering you to live a life you truly desire!

Reiki Master ~ Yoga Instructor ~ Meditation Facilitator ~ Sound Healer ~ Tao Practitioner ~ Journey Practitioner ~ Psychic Reader ~ Mediumship ~ Astrology Reader

3 Month Awakened Goddess Includes

1x 60min Clarity Call

1x 60min Astrology Chart Reading + PDF

1x 60min Intuitive Clarity Reading

3x 60min Coaching Sessions

3x Healing Sessions

3x Accountability Checkins

3x Wellness Videos:  1 Video Per Month Daily Practice

12 Weeks Support & Accountability



~ 4th Month Complimentary

~ 1x 60 min Healing Session

~ 1×60 Coaching Session

~ Abundant New Year Manifesting OnlineCourse