Mindfulness ~ Meditation

Living mindfully brings more awareness to your inner self and surroundings.
Meditation has tremendous positive effects living a more grounded and balanced lifestyle.
Find stillness in the most busiest places. Turn inward regardless of the exterior noise.
There are many ways you can learn more about this tool and introduce it into your lifestyle with Corinne Clapham

More About Your Meditation Guide

Corinne Clapham has studied and successfully completed all four levels of Mindfulness for people with Chronic Pain with Dr. Jackie Gardner Nix.
She has completed  Mindful Educator Essentials with Mindful Schools which specializes in teaching Mindfulness & Meditation to Youth with the goal of bringing into the school board systems.
She has integrated meditation into her unique yoga classes/events and has facilitated her popular by demand Meditation Mix in LaJolla California and yoga studios in Gananoque & Kingston, Ontario.

Meditation Mix

An enchanting mix of meditation. A gentle mix of guided, silent and walking meditation. Something for everyone to enjoy. A time to expand and explore your meditation path. Get more connected to your true authentic self.

Meditation For Schools

Mindfulness/Meditation for your class and/or school.
Kindegarten to High School.
Also for available for staff/teachers

Meditation For The Work Place

Bring Meditation Learning into the workplace

Meditation For The Family

Perfect if you would like private meditation classes for your kids or for the whole family