Summer Solstice Ceremony 

Activate Your Inner Goddess, Courage, Energy & Action 

During this Summer Solstice Ceremony you will experience:

~ Grounding & Protective Guided Meditation

~ Summer Solstice Wisdom 

~ Food & Water Summer Solstice Ritual 

~ Healing & Releasing The Past

~ Forgiveness Practice

~ Manifesting your new world

~ Activating Your Wisdom, Courage, Clarity, Energy ( Light Kundalini Yoga)

~ Sound Healing

~ Tao Blessing 

~ Oracle message to support you during this new season

About Your Facilitator

Corinne Clapham is the creator/founder of Inner Paradise and Intuitive Wellness Coach. Which focuses on getting to the root of what has been causing your emotional and/or physical discomfort. Releasing it on an energetic, cellular and soul level.

Reiki Master ~ Yoga Instructor ~ Meditation Facilitator ~ Sound Healer ~ Tao Practitioner ~ Journey Practitioner ~ Psychic Reader ~ Mediumship ~ Astrology Reader