Raise Your Vibe 

3 Month Coaching & Accountability

Group Online Program

Time To Finally  Complete YOUR Goals!

Time  To Finally Live Your Desires! 

Time To Finally Live The Life You’ve Been Dreaming!

Next Cohort Starts June 2024

Includes June, July & August 2024

Kick off your Spring/Summer of 2024 on track  bringing YOUR desires to fruition. 

This supportive program helps you get out of Procrastination. 

Don’t Procrastinate on cutting out the procrastination! That’s silly!

That just keeps you in the perpetual loop while time keeps flying by.

Take Action Babe! It always starts with taking Action! 

We can sit here and make up all the excuses when it’s less energy draining to find the solutions to make it work instead. 

Look at the possibilities or create them. 

How you do one thing in life is how you do most things in life. 

This is where you make the Shift! 

Each Month You Will Receive

Monthly Live Zoom Coaching Call

~ Gaining clarity on your goals.

~ Action Steps & Purpose.

~ Clear the blocks of procrastination.

Sadhana Daily Practice

~ Easy to follow recorded video under 10min

~ Combination of Kundalini Kriya & Meditation

~  To get you more centrered, clear minded, inspired, grounded, balanced and energized.

~ Each month will be a fresh new Practice

Zoom Coaching Call Every Month

The day/time for the zoom group Coaching call is determined when most, hopefully all can attend.

Which is determined by a poll that is sent out in the Private Fb Group. 

Trust me you want to be at the live coaching calls! 

This is where we kick off the month in gaining clarity on what goals and desires are important for you to focus on and work towards during the month. 

Not sure what your goals and desires are or you have so many you’re not sure what to focus on? All good babe! 

You will be guided with clarity and support from your Coach Corinne Clapham. 

During this time together we will break down your goals into tangible action steps so you have a roadmap for the month. 

BONUS: Psychic Reading where each person on the live can ask 1 Question each. 

We will close this call with a relaxing Tao Blessing! 

Sadhana Daily Practice

Having a daily practice is what helps to create routine and discipline. Ok maybe some of you don’t like the D word but hear me out.

Following through with discipline is a big component in creating confidence and strengthening self-worth.

 If you can master discipline you can start mastering accomplishing your goals and desires!

Just as importantly the Daily Practice will help you with getting more clear minded, grounded, balanced, inspired and energized.

Each month you will have a new daily practice that is a recorded video to follow along.

Which is under 10min long so it will be easy to implement into your schedule no matter how busy you are.

Daily practice usually consists of Kundalini Kriya & Meditation.

Meet Your Coach ~ Corinne Clapham

Corinne Clapham is the creator/founder of Inner Paradise. Your Intuitive Mystic Healer & Coach.

Guiding you to the root of what has been causing procrastination, unhealthy patterns and cycles.  Releasing it on an energetic, cellular and soul level.

Tapping into your highest self and living the life you TRULY DESIRE! 

Reiki Master ~ Yoga Instructor ~ Meditation Facilitator ~ Sound Healer ~ Tao Practitioner ~ Journey Practitioner ~ Psychic Reader ~ Mediumship ~ Astrology Reader

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In addition to the Live Coaching Zoom  & Pre- Recorded Video (Sadhana Practice)  Each Month.

There is continious support, accountability and inspiration in the Private Fb Group PLUS an organized way to keep on top of your action steps and goals!

* Payment plan can be arranged by contacting [email protected] with your request. 

Please note that full payment must be made before the first day of next cohort. Get started with your plan ahead of time to finally beat procrastination and start living the life you truly desire!