An Energetic Massage For The Soul
With life’s changes, shifts and transitions its easy to feel off kilter. Foggy from stagnation. The more balanced and grounded we are the more clarity we have.
Reiki is a marvellous natural healing tool using energy from the higher power. It has many useful benefits. To name a few it helps clear stagnation, balances and realigns chakras.
 You will understand why Dr. Oz thinks its the most important alternative treatment of all.

Reiki Session

60min Reiki Session

With Essential Oils for additional fee

~ Grounds & Balances

~ Realigns Chakras

~ Reduces Stress

~ Relaxing, Calming, Peaceful

~ Improves Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Health

Reiki Level 1 Certification

Level 1 Includes:
~ History
~ Learn Reiki Self-treatment
~ How to perform Reiki treatments on others
~ Learn how to cleanse your home & work space
~ Learn Reiki on Animals & Plants.
~ Practice sensing other’s auras & balancing their chakras
~ Practice time to give a Reiki Session
~ Receive Reiki 
~ Receive Level 1 Attunement
~ Your own Reiki Level 1 Booklet
~ Recieve your Reiki Level 1 Certification

Reiki Level 2 Certification

Level 2 You Will Learn:
~ 3 Japanese healing sacred symbols
~ How to perform long distance reiki
~ Perform long distance reiki
~ Chord Cutting To Set Yourself & Others Free
~ Practice giving a reiki treatment incorporating the symbols
~ Receive a reiki treatment incorporating the symbols
~ Receive Level 2 Attunement
~ Reiki Level 2 Booklet
Upon completion you will receive your Level 2 Reiki Certification
Reiki Classes can be built upon requests. Provide details in city and time frames.

Reiki courses are facilitated by Corinne Clapham in Toronto and GTA, Gananoque, Kingston, Brockville, Ottawa & Vancouver