Yoga has many benefits. It stretches and nourishes your muscles and joints as well as your mind. One of the biggest gifts you can do for yourself is show up to your mat. Honour yourself in the present moment.
Corinne Clapham offers her sacred yoga events predominately in Toronto & Gananoque Thousand Islands, Ontario.
As well as any city this traveling gypsy is guided to.

Your Personalized Private Yoga Session

Available in person or over video
~ Includes 15min Discovery Call.
A time to better understand your goals so an invigorating private yoga class can be crafted personally for you.
A yoga practice  that you can bring into your own daily practice.
~ 1 Hour Personalized Private Yoga Session (In Person or over Video)
Personalized Group Yoga Classes Available Upon Request

More About Your Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor 200 RYT & Member of Yoga Alliance

Corinne Clapham focuses on form that works for each individual. Priority in Joint Stability, Strength and then flexibility in that order of importance using breath throughout the practice.

Specialized training in:

~  Restorative Yoga

~ Yoga For All. Trained in Dianne Bondy Yoga for all body types and mobility.

~ Trained in Carol Hortons Socially Engaged Yoga & for those who went through Trauma.

~ Trained by Michael Brian Baker in BreathWork in Mojave Desert, California.

Passion and inspiration in kundalini yoga and teacher of mindfulness/meditation she loves to incorporate meditation, mudras, chanting in order to connect all three elements: Mind, Body & Soul.

Some of her popular wellness classes is Meditation Mix, Mind Body Soul & Body Odyssey. She has taught her delicately crafted classes in various places varying from La Jolla California, Toronto, Kingston & Gananoque.